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We will continue to be the most advanced and competent service provider in our sector while improving client servicing and satisfaction.
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3 years contract
signed with a leading manufacturing company

Delivered complex designs to a leading automotive company

Successfully completed 2nd phase design delivery to a fortune 100 manufacturing client.


Design Project Set Up, Discovery & Immersion

Strong design foundations

Our design project set up, discovery and immersion stage provides solid foundations from which to design effectively. Through careful planning and gathering effective design input information means we can work swiftly, this phase of work will:
Reduce time to market and kick start your design project with clear inputs for rapid start-up & design delivery.
Develop a partnership approach to leverage both sides’ knowledge and maximise returns on the design investment being made.
Use industry best practice design planning to BS 7000-2 with self-management of the design team to ensure your project is kept on track & complies with all regulatory requirements.

Concept Design & Development

Innovation, creativity and engineering

Our enthusiastic & experienced concept design team will seamlessly blend creativity, innovation and engineering to:
Increase demand through the design of desirable new products with perceived high value and that are market lead.
Generate valuable intellectual property by creating innovative products and solutions to keep ahead of your competitors.
Create innovative concepts that are designed for manufacture from the outset to reduce overall development time and manufacturing costs.
Quickly generate appealing concepts for rapid feedback so they can be designed efficiently in the next development stage.

Design Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies ensure your design and development investment will be worthwhile

Our design feasibility studies are essential to reduce your development time & costs. Taking time to check costs and the investment required to complete the project ensures:
Reduced project risk by checking technical feasibility before any major investment is made.
If a project is commercially viable. It will also: identify areas for cost reduction, provide clear focus for an efficient design development stage and optimise your investment in research & development as a whole.
Identify suitable materials technology and production processes to ensure your concept is viable to develop and manufacture in the volumes expected.
Provide commercial confidence to your business that you have selected the most appropriate concept design to develop.

Design & Development

Design and development

Our product design and development team seamlessly blend the creativity of our concepts with solid engineering. They are professional, very easy to work with and are committed to help our clients to:
Improve quality and reduce returns through robustly designed products that are easy to assemble and cost effective to manufacture
Utilise true ‘Design for Manufacture’ by simplifying tooling and production set up costs to reduce the investment being made
Lower on-going manufacturing costs by reducing components part count and materials
Ensure prompt delivery of the project by working to a structured process for maximum design efficiency and conformance to regulatory standards
Utilise best-practice design management to leverage the efforts of all involved, ensuring your project is delivered on time and to develop your projects as cost effectively as possible

Design development phase 1: design for prototype

The design for phase 1 of a product is likely to be novel and innovative so will need prototyping to establish proof of concept whereas a specialist project will not have the luxury of a prototype stage.
Phase 1 may require more than one iteration of prototypes as testing and usability studies can show unexpected results. Sometimes the prototype may fail testing yet still afford enough learning to move to the optimisation stage. The prototype may also be more successful than expected so allowing material or features to be removed, things often evolve and change as part of this phase of the development process.
Design development phase 1: output
Generation of a 3D design and CAD models sufficient to allow prototypes to be manufactured efficiently. The 3D models will be tailored to suit the materials and manufacturing techniques most closely mimicking those used for the final product. However will often not fully consider all tooling and production requirements which will be undertaken in phase 2.

Design development phase 2: design for volume manufacture

After the prototypes are built and tested we learn from the assembly process to obtain data from which we can optimise the design. The optimisation process may purely be to adapt the prototype CAD models to a simple volume manufacturing technique or to make slight dimensional changes. This is often quick and simple to do. However it is also common for 3D CAD models to be regenerated from scratch to match different material, tooling and production requirements. High volume products generally need very robust design practices and testing to ensure regulatory and quality requirements are met. This is likely to require further FEA work to check strength or fatigue. Tolerance analysis to ensure features and products will perform properly across the tolerance band which chosen manufacturers can achieve. Assembly Analysis may also be required too, this will establish how components can be assembled efficiently. BizExUSA has the knowledge, experience and accreditations to ensure these processes are done correctly for our clients.

Design development phase 2: output

Refined 3D design and CAD models with necessary assembly fits and features for volume manufacturing techniques. The CAD models should have features fully designed and engineered to allow products to be easily assembled and finished ready for Testing and then Industrialisation of the product.

High Quality Manufacturing Data

High quality 3D design data with fully detailed 2D drawings

We realise that our designs need to be manufactured efficiently, the design team will work hard to ensure you will:
Receive high quality 3D data output with fully detailed drawings for pain free manufacture of parts and products.
Be provided with a full set of data to ensure no project delays and hassles.
The output and manufacturing support we provide will ensure suppliers understand exactly what is required from them and they can cost effectively deliver high quality products, exactly when required

Phase 1 output: prototype data

The data required for prototype manufacture is often simpler and less demanding than when designing for volume or a finished product. We typically release 3D CAD files, (STEP & IGES) with 2D drawings detailed sufficiently to allow prototypes to be manufactured. These drawings are usually not as detailed as those generated for volume manufacturing because the processes and very low volumes allow hand fitting and finishing of prototypes to achieve the performance required from the product.

Phase 2 output: volume manufacturing data

The data produced for volume manufacture is very detailed, specifying materials, heat treatments, finishes, geometric tolerances and fits. Drawings of 3D forms such as plastic mouldings, castings and pressings will often refer to 3D CAD data with specified critical dimensions for checking and conformance to required tolerance bands. The drawings and 3D data can be used by global suppliers to produce consistent, high quality, components for the products being manufactured.

Verification, Testing, Validation
BizExUSA has a range of experts in our development team to ensure:
Thorough design verification so that designs are reliable, safe and of the highest quality
The design can be validated for suitability to the end user and compliance with regulatory standards
During this phase we tailor our services to suit whether operating in the Phase 1: Prototype or Phase 2: Volume optimisation part of a project. We produce and build prototypes to learn from them ready for further development and then test them to check performance against the design specification. For sophisticated testing or verification we can engage or work with external parties to ensure conformance to the necessary regulatory requirements for your product should this be required. The results of the prototype build and testing are then applied through prototype evolution to optimise the design in Phase 2 ready for volume manufacture.

Product Design Industrialisation
BizExUSA has a deep and experienced team that will provide support right through into the industrialisation process.
We will work with you to provide easily accessible and experienced on-going design support to:
Keep projects on track
Reduce problems by working with manufacturers
Shorten time to market
Ensure a successful and timely product launch
HD has extensive knowledge of design for manufacture, manufacturing and industrialisation of products. We offer a specific service for clients seeking a design partner who will support them during the transition from product development to volume manufacture.


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